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Natural light in the work place

How does natural light affect your workplace? Is it a big deal & how can you get the most out of your team & productivity if you make it a priority.

No member of the team wants to walk in to a dimly lit, gloomy room to start work on any day of the week. The benefits of natural light in the office spaces are endless, by ensuring your office space is designed with natural light in mind and views of the outdoors helps provide that ideal calm, welcoming environment that will help make them more productive.

GLFifty office spaces are flooded with natural light through the buildings large regal sash windows and are designed with optimal layouts to encourage a productive work flow for the team.

When thinking of office space for your business, consider the benefits of how much natural light enters and just some of the benefits being;

* Less drowsiness

* Improved mood

* Reduced eye strain and headaches

* More productive and creative team

Other ideas to consider are to incorporate smart technology to ensure natural lights work in tandem with artificial LED lighting to decrease energy usage and incorporating another element into helping your team become more focused and productive.

There are countless benefits to natural light within your office space environment and hope we have helped highlight factors to keep in mind.

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