Following on from the most recent government guidelines, we shall re-open our offices in June and have detailed the current social distancing measures.



  • We will provide hand gel and infra-red dispensers at all main doors and kitchens. These will also be provided at the toilets on all floors in GLfifty  along with antibacterial wipes for commonly touched surfaces. 

  • Advisory notices displayed prominently that using sanitiser is most effective when used in conjunction with regular hand washing.

  • Clear notices advising social distancing, with social distancing tape in all communal areas.

  • We have regular meetings with our contracted cleaning companies and will will continue to work closely to ensure their cleaning is appropriate for the current situation.

  • Disposable gloves and antibacterial wipes available in all shared spaces; kitchens, meeting rooms and receptions.

  • Advisory notices on conducting meetings in a socially distant manner - e.g. chairs distanced. Visitors are advised to go  immediately to the room where the meeting is to take place (after using sanitiser) and asked to leave again immediately when meetings are concluded. Usage of the communal waiting areas is to be reduced as much as possible.

  • All meeting room bookings to be made via our online booking portal.

  • All courier deliveries to be left at reception for tenants to sanitise before taking to their offices.

  • Booking out meeting rooms between 12 - 2 for private eating. Creating a space to unwind during your working day, with all safety measures in place

  • All our private offices will be supplied with antibacterial wipes and sprays, to continue disinfecting all high-risk areas such as keyboards, phone headsets etc.



  • Only one person permitted to use the kitchens at any time and clear markings 2 meters apart on the floor outside each kitchen. This will naturally stagger lunch times with people choosing to go when the kitchen is quieter.

  • Removal of cloth tea towels in favour of paper towels/blue roll.

  • We plan on putting together individual 'GLFifty all-inclusive' supplies for everybody & removing all shared jars from the kitchens. Office managers will drop supplies off at offices when requested using individual, boxes and taking appropriate precautions when bagging items.

  • Milk will be supplied in small bottles and each bottle will be for the exclusive use of a particular office. 

  • Bottled water to be provided as an alternative to using the hot water dispensers for cold water.


         Shower facilities

  • Shower facilities are to be booked via our online booking portal, all toiletries to be stored in each clients personal boxes. Should towels be required please note this on the booking platform & place directly into the laundry baskets provided.