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“GLFifty” is a trading name of OX-10 Ltd, registered company in England and Wales number 10044529 and registered address, 67 Wingate Square, London, SW40AF, United Kingdom.

Business and individual clients who agree to purchase services from GLFifty are referred to below as “the client” or “clients”.

The GLFifty company registered and trading address, 67 Wingate Square, London, SW40AF, United Kingdom is referred to below as “GLFifty”.

The term “office services”, refers to the services offered to the client by GLFifty and as described below.




By making payment for, or accepting the provision of office services by GLFifty, the client agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of England & Wales for such purposes.


Service Entitlements: Office Services


All services are provided on a monthly rolling basis, 6 monthly or 12 monthly agreement commencing on the client start date at GLFifty and, unless cancelled by the client (see Termination below).

For the duration of their tenure at GLFifty, the client shall be entitled to:

Access GLFifty premises and use / consume the office services 24 hours per day, for the duration of their tenure at GLFifty, including public holidays.

i. The client agrees to use / consume the office services solely for business purposes and not to extend or sub-lease such services to any other party, or for personal use.
ii. Clients are supported by the GLFifty Office Manager Monday to Friday, usually between 09:00 to 17:00. No office manager service is usually provided at weekends or on public holidays.
Clients can occupy and store items within their secure office for the duration of their services at GLFifty.

There is a fair-usage policy for the use of meeting room facilities (and contained equipment) at GLFifty, subject to availability, which may be subject to change at any time. Unlimited use of GLFifty networking and communications services for members, such as cable internet, wireless internet or scan-to-email facilities, subject to availability. A fair-usage policy to use GLFifty printing and scanning facilities at GLFifty, which may be subject to change at any time. Unlimited consumption of refreshments at GLFifty, subject to a discretionary fair usage policy, which may be subject to change at any time. The client is provided with a telephone handset, which they may use to access Voice Over IP (VOIP) services using a provider of their choosing, by entering their personal login information to be stored within the telephone handset software. i. GLFifty can provide limited advice regarding potential telephone service providers.

3 hours free visitor parking in the car park located out the front of GLFifty, subject to availability. Please book your visitor parking

i. Additional parking is available directly from GLFifty for an extra charge.


Service Entitlements: Mail Services


In addition to the above entitlements,

The client is entitled to display GLFifty as their own registered business address / trading presence, on the client’s business literature or digital media. For example, the client is entitled to display, “[Clients Business Name], The Limes, Bayshill Road, Cheltenham, GL503AW.

The client is entitled to register the GLFifty address as their registered business address with Companies House in England and Wales.

The client may direct mail (letters, parcels and packages) to GLFifty via the Royal Mail or other reputable couriers, to be stored for later collection or forwarding (depending on the level of service purchased).

Unless forwarded to an agreed address by GLFifty, the client’s mail shall be stored securely until delivery in person or collection, and is insured against theft or damage up to a maximum of £25,000, subject to a £100 insurance excess fee, which the client agrees to pay in the event of a claim concerning their mail items.

The client is welcome to collect mail stored by GLFifty between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays or between 25th of December and 3rd January each year. Other collection times may be available at the discretionary agreement of GLFifty.
The client may use a maximum of three company or brand names when directing their mail to GLFifty for storage or forwarding. The client may request additional services, which shall incur additional costs, including:

Mail forwarding to an agreed postal address worldwide, excluding post boxes or military addresses.

Scanning and e-mailing (to an agreed e-mail address) of mail received.
Additional company or brand names (above those three described above).


Limitations & Exclusions


The client agrees not to remove any object which does not specifically belong to them from GLFifty premises.

The client may not enter private GLFifty areas without prior authorisation, which may be granted solely at the discretion of GLFifty management and in writing.

The client agrees not to engage other GLFifty clients, members or visitors to purchase or use their own services directly, unless specifically invited to do so by that client or by GLFifty management, in order to protect the privacy of our members.

GLFifty will take action against clients sending unsolicited marketing communications to other members, and instead provides a free area for members to advertise their services at reception as an alternative.

GLFifty shall not be liable for delays or loss encountered as a result of inaccuracies in the information provided by the client.

GLFifty shall not be liable to the client for loss of profits or contracts, loss of goodwill, loss of data, third party claims, acquisition of replacement goods or items or other special, indirect or consequential loss whether arising from negligence, breach of contract or howsoever.

Services and service entitlements are not transferable by the client to any other party or organisation and have no cash value.

GLFifty is unable to accept parcels which are deemed by us to be too large or heavy for reasonable storage or forwarding. We reserve the right to define what is acceptable or not. Clients are requested to contact us in advance with any specific queries regarding large or heavy items.

The client is not entitled to install furniture or specific electrical equipment such as high-powered fans, coolers, air conditioning units, kitchen appliances, lights above 40 watts or erect screens or barriers without the specific prior authorisation in writing of GLFifty management.

GLFifty reserves the right to request removal of specific items should they represent a risk to or interference with the safety or comfort of other members, including noisy items, items which may pose a risk to fire and evacuation routes, or high-powered electrical items that may pose a risk to the GLFifty electrical network.

GLFifty shall not be liable to the client for any disruption to the provision of network or communications services, or any consequential loss, loss of earning or profit that may result from such an occurrence. Network and communications services are provided strictly subject to availability.

In extreme cases, and solely at the discretion of GLFifty management, GLFifty may agree to refund client costs for alternative network or communications infrastructure services, although this must always be approved before purchase and in writing.

GLFifty shall not be liable to the client for loss of or disruption to VOIP telephone services provided by 3rd party service providers, or consequential loss as a result of such failures, which are always entirely beyond its control. GLFifty provides only working telephone hardware, and in rare event of hardware failure shall seek to replace the hardware within 24 hours.


Client Obligations & Conduct


The client agrees to familiarise themselves and their visitors with fire safety equipment and policies, emergency evacuation routes from the building, plus the location of the first aid equipment in the event of an emergency. GLFifty provides safety advice to all members on their start date.

The client is responsible to ensure that the correct billing details, forwarding address and contact information is provided to GLFifty with regards to the services offered.

It is the client’s responsibility to inform their applicable contacts / parties of any change to the GLFifty address, in the event that it may change (see below).

The client shall be responsible for managing information published on their business literature and digital media to reflect the correct address of GLFifty and where applicable, GLFifty branding.

The client agrees to implement any reasonable changes requested directly by GLFifty, such as those relating to misrepresented, misspelled or misleading information published by the client and such that it may have or risk adverse effects to GLFifty.

The client agrees to remove such information from its websites, advertising and stationery, promotional material, business cards, business literature, email, social networking sites or other electronic methods within 30 days of any termination of service at GLFifty. Clients who fail to do so shall incur a monthly penalty fee of £100 for each month or part thereof of unauthorised usage of the GLFifty address or branding, subject to the terms specified below in “Fees & Payments”.

The client agrees to treat all GLFifty employees and representatives, plus all GLFifty members (other clients) with respect and dignity at all times. Any client found to be acting in an inappropriate manner towards GLFifty employees or members including, without limitation, aggressive behaviour, using foul language, intimidation and harassment, shall have their service cancelled with immediate effect and shall forfeit their entitlement to the refund of any remaining account balances or funds held by GLFifty.

The client agrees to treat all shared office equipment provided by GLFifty such as televisions, furniture and kitchen appliances, with care and respect so as to allow those items to remain operational to other members. Clients are responsible for maintaining the security of personal items and belongings within GLFifty premises.

GLFifty cannot be held responsible for any loss of such items or any further loss or inconvenience caused as a result. In some cases, GLFifty may agree to an insurance claim on behalf of its clients, but this is purely at the discretion of GLFifty management.

The client agrees to pay all fees promptly and strictly within the terms specified below in “Fees & Payments”. Clients or associates of clients suspected or found to be engaging in any criminal activities within GLFifty premises at any time shall have their service cancelled with immediate effect and shall forfeit their entitlement to the refund of any remaining account balances or funds held by GLFifty. GLFifty reserves the right to report any suspected criminal activity to the police for further investigation.

Fees & Payments


The client agrees to accept and be liable to pay the agreed monthly rolling-contract, 6 monthly or 12 monthly invoice for the use of the office services at GLFifty, for each calendar month or part thereof.

Invoices are issued on a fixed date each calendar month, commencing on the client start date at GLFifty and issued each calendar month thereafter on the same date, and e-mailed to the client.

As we require advance payment for our services, our invoice payment terms are always within 7 days of the invoice issue date and the client is kindly requested to complete payment within this period.

Invoices are subject to VAT (for applicable services) for all clients, including foreign-registered businesses. The client assumes any responsibility for claiming back VAT expenditure if applicable under HMRC legislation, but GLFifty offers no representation, warranties or guidance in so doing.

GLFifty’s preferred method of payment is by direct debit, to be setup and collected on the invoice due date if not before. 

The provision of services (and as such any service entitlements for the client) may be suspended if payment for the current period has not been received and cleared within 14 days.

GLFifty reserves the right to reject incoming mail items for the client to the carrier in the event that the client has not settled their invoice for office services.

GLFifty reserves the right to charge interest on any late payments at the fixed rate of 8% per annum; accruing on a day-by-day basis between the date that the invoice falls due for payment (7 days after issue) and the date that any subsequent demand for payment is made by GLFifty until all outstanding balances are cleared.

The client agrees to remain liable for payment of interest calculated under the terms of this agreement, even in the event that normal service fee payments have been satisfied by a later date.


Data & Privacy


GLFifty will treat all personal data collected about our clients in a secure and confidential manner and in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. GLFifty shall never sell or make available information about our clients to any third party without prior consent from the client.

Visual security camera footage is recorded within the premises at all times and may be used retrospectively to support investigations into any suspected breach of the terms stated within this document or supplied to the police on request in the event on any criminal investigation.

The client agrees to accepting recordings within GLFifty in this way, on the strict understanding that they shall be used only for the above-mentioned purposes and never intrusively or in any way which may breach the privacy of our clients and visitors.
Personal zones, such as toilets, changing rooms or under desks are never subject to monitoring or recording.

GLFifty may, from time to time; contact its clients with information and services offered by GLFifty that we think may be of interest. You agree that we can contact you by letter, email, or telephone. If you do not wish to receive such correspondence, please notify us in writing.


Limited Liability & Force Majeure


GLFifty is insured by Hiscox Insurance for public liability insurance and our clients, authorised visitors to GLFifty, and client’s equipment stored within GLFifty premises (subject to insurance company exclusions or excess charges) are insured to a limited sum for at least the following occurrences:


  • Accident

  • Theft

  • Fire

For further details regarding our insurance policy, please contact

GLFifty shall not be held liable to its clients or visitors for any personal injury or loss caused by the misuse or dangerous / careless use of office furniture or equipment, electrical equipment, kitchen appliances or sharp objects.

GLFifty shall maintain all such equipment and objects in a safely usable state and where appropriate, offer safety warnings to clients or visitors highlighting risk or danger.

Clients agree to seek assistance from GLFifty staff members if unsure of how to operate or use equipment safely.

GLFifty shall not be liable to its clients for any disruption to or cancellation in the provision of services resulting from any event beyond its control including, without limitation, breakdown of systems or network access, fire, explosion, accidents, acts of God or extreme weather. In the event of such an occurrence, GLFifty shall always endeavour to provide alternative services to the client and will always consult clients to attempt to agree an appropriate resolution.




Any breach or suspected breach of the terms and conditions of services stated within this document may result in immediate termination of the services at the discretion of GLFifty and the cancellation of all associated service entitlements for the client, including in some cases the forfeit of any remaining account balances or funds held by GLFifty.

The client may cancel their service at any time, giving one calendar months’ notice in writing. Unexpired service fees are non-refundable and shall not be the subject of any claim or counter-claim by the client, although GLFifty agrees to return any postal deposit funds that it may hold.

Clients in their first month of service at GLFifty, may cancel at the end of that month without further notice or penalty.

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